A Message From The Owner

Hello there Cleaning Service Researchers!

A Deeper Clean was started for one reason: money

What? Really? Ok, then…

Sorry, slight change according to the public relations side of the business.

Where was I?

Oh yes, A Deeper Clean is the result of 3 of my passions: honesty in business, a commitment to superior customer service, and doing my part to decrease the strain on Mother Earth.

A Deeper Clean - Rochester NY's #1 99.9% Green Cleaning Service

Me back in my corporate retail days or during my audition for the Village People.  Those days are a bit foggy.

The cleaning industry is incredibly competitive. The standing joke is if you have a mop and a phone, congratulations, you are now in the cleaning business! The truth is there are no regulations, no certifications, no training required at all to clean someone’s home or business. Anyone can represent themselves as a cleaning company, which is pretty scary since they will have complete access to very private parts of your life.

With A Deeper Clean, you get an insured, bonded, and honest company. We don’t sugar coat and we won’t lie – even if the truth makes us look bad at the moment.  Did I mention that we are Rochester, NY’s #1 99.9% Green Cleaning Service yet?

What you won’t get is a lot of fancy advertising or a fleet of cute pink cars. We’d rather charge you a reasonable amount to make cleaning your home or business an “affordable luxury”, one that you won’t feel guilty about after each visit.

Of course, there will also be someone cheaper than us too. In the cleaning industry, that savings comes with a definite risk to you. You wouldn’t trust your car to a $10 an hour mechanic, why trust your home or business (a significantly bigger investment) to a $10 an hour cleaner?

By being a local company, we can lead the way in caring about our community. We are passionate about participating in local charities and giving back. We partner with as many local charities as we can. It is important for us to give back to the community that supports us. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Also important, we make certain almost every penny we earn stays right here in Rochester, NY and Monroe County by supporting local businesses whenever possible.

The bottom line is if we are in your home or business, you don’t have to think about anything except having a clean, fresh smelling space. We want your experience to be worry free.

– Chris

A Deeper Clean Rochester NY's #1 99.9% Green Cleaning Service