We’re A Deeper Clean,

No one hates “We’re the best” marketing more than A Deeper Clean, in fact it infuriates us.

”We’re the best”, or “We clean the greatest”, or even, “quality is our #1 concern”

Ugh! How many times do we have to hear other services say that garbage just to put something out there? I mean, what’s the point? We know, we know, you are the best. So is every other business in the service industry out there.

At A Deeper Clean we believe that YOU, as an office/facilities manager or business owner, have way more important things to be doing than babysitting your janitorial services crew… and you do!
Our research (read Google search) shows that finding and hiring a cleaning service is actually a major stress point for many businesses.
We can help.
We get “it.” That’s all you need to know – we understand your life.
Cleaning isn’t rocket science and it’s not meant to be complex. That’s why we use simple, eco-sensitive products and don’t try to dazzle you with BS. 
We have also have a muy simple satisfaction guarantee for your Rochester, New York office & business cleaning. Ready for it? Here goes:

“If you are not satisfied with the cleaning, text us and we will come back ASAP. No questions.

Really hate the cleaning we did? (It’s not likely, but in the event you do, boom) we take it off your next bill. Simple.”

Of course we’ll meet with you ASAP, find out why it happened, and why it won’t happen again. This is a relationship, not a one and done deal.

Dang! How much simpler can it get?
How about this?
We make FIVE simple promises to you:
  1. Your building/office/igloo/yurt will be clean, when we said it would clean, how we agreed it would be clean.
  2. Our people will treat you like family (the ones they like) and your building like home.
  3. We will earn your business monthly. If we don’t you fire us.
  4. We will never, EVER, bullshit you.
  5. We’re dog people, which means the other 4 promises are even stronger and better.
See, we consider our company one of your business partners, so talking about everything about your investment is important to us, and you!
That’s why at A Deeper Clean we have developed and perfected a system so that YOU get taken care of.
The infamous “No Bullshit System”:
The “No BS System”, which was created to save you time and stress, means EVERYTHING is completed on your scope checklist. There is no back and forth conversations and chit chatting. The scope is complete each visit, giving you the freedom to concentrate on YOUR important items. You know, like actually running a business?

We know it’s a pain to go back and forth, so we created this, for you, our lovely, lovely client. Why? Because WE FRIGGIN’ LOVE YOU.


Rated as one of Rochester’s best commercial cleaning services by Three Best Rated

We know our system and our “voice” may not be the right fit for everyone. We “get” that, too. Some people are hung up on illusions and personas.
It’s why we interview your company as much as your interview ours when we talk about your service needs. There’s no sense working together if we are oil and water. We need to be pizza and pineapple here peeps!
Our staff is trained in-house using a modified commercial version of  the “Perfect Maintenance Cleaning” System established by Jeff Campbell and Debbie Sardone, two icons in the cleaning industry. This saves you time and money from having to BABYSIT a service YOU are already paying for. Who wants to do that? Yuck.

Your business will have uniformed and background checked employees assigned to it so you don’t have to worry about strangers in your business.

We retain employees because we treat them with respect, pay them well, and take care of them. You get to meet the employees that clean your place. How cool is that? Talk to them, understand them, ask them about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness (Don’t ask Daryl about “the incident” though). Tell them what YOUR needs are.

We love it, and so should you.


Because of the value of clean and because nasty toilets are just wrong, man.

Think your business has what it takes to have a fresh smelling, amazing looking building cleaned by the coolest cats in the ROC?

Are you DONE putting up with constantly switching  janitorial cleaning services, instructing and babysitting your current cleaning service, and do you want to get back to concentrating on what’s IMPORTANT TO YOU?

Hit us up via voice or text at 585.851.8574. You can send us an email too – sales@RochesterNYcleaning.com . Smoke signals and carrier pigeons are a bad idea though

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your office or commercial property cleaning.  

Monroe County Businesses We Serve

  • Bank and Credit Union Cleaning Services
  • Child and Day Care Facilities
  • Commercial Building Cleaning
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Medical Offices
  • Offices Buildings
  • Other Places with Floors, Doors, Walls, Windows and even Ceilings

We like being small, and we’re not a greedy company.

About YOU