How to Declutter Your Home, Room by Room

With spring in full swing, many families are taking advantage of the season to declutter and deep clean their homes. To achieve the best results, it is important to devise a process that tackles each room one at a time. This will provide encouragement as you see visible results in each room. Here are the best ways to declutter your home going room by room:

The Kitchen

As the central gathering spot of any home, it can be a challenge to keep the kitchen clean and free of clutter. Keeping your counters free of any item that is not used daily is a good first step in reducing clutter. If you are short on cabinet space, move items that are not used regularly such as china and silver to storage. When moving delicate china into storage, be sure to take proper precautions so that dishes aren’t chipped or broken in transit.

The Bedroom

The bedroom nightstand is often a source of discontent for many people. Eliminate all of the books and magazines that you never plan on reading to free up space. Emptying all of the drawers and donating clothes that you have not worn in one year will likely provide more space for more important things. Despite how cute they may look, no bed needs more than a few throw pillows to spruce it up.

The Living Room

Like the kitchen, the living room is prone to being a dumping ground for clutter. Putting an organizational system in place will pay off big dividends in the battle against clutter. Woven baskets are an easy way to store living room essentials while keeping them organized. Shelving can also help to declutter a space while also providing a place to display favorite pictures and mementos.

The Bathrooms

Begin the bathroom decluttering process by going through your medicine cabinet and cabinet drawers. It is easy to accumulate an abundance of cosmetics and other personal hygiene items if you do not regularly clean out these drawers. Keeping the items that you use most often in the top drawer will give you easy access.

Once you have sorted all of your personal belongings, a professional cleaning service can be utilized to provide a deep clean to each area of your home. This fresh start will keep you more organized in the future and inspire you to stay on top of cleaning.

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