Is Clutter Stressing You Out? Try These 4 Tips

Nothing can kill the comfort and coziness of a home quite like clutter. Too much clutter can ruin the zen-like atmosphere of your home and lead to unnecessary stress. Fortunately, clutter is easy to control if you are intentional about making sure it does not get out of hand. Here are four tips to employ so that you can simultaneously reduce both your household clutter and your level of stress:

Identifying Clutter

The first step in eliminating clutter is to identify what you do not need any longer. A general rule of thumb to follow is that you should get rid of anything that you have not used in more than 1 year. Over time, you might collect so many things that you do not even realize how cluttered your living space has become. Identifying the items that you no longer want or need is crucial to cleaning up the space around you.

Recycling Can Make it Easier

Sometimes it can be hard to simply throw out what you no longer need. If you are having a difficult time parting with items because of sentimental reasons, recycling it can help ease your mind and provide the peace of mind that you will be helping someone in need. There are many ways to recycle or donate items so that you do not feel as if your items and efforts have been wasted.

Get Serious About Organization

Organization is clutter’s greatest enemy. Effective organization systems can keep clutter at bay and reduce your anxiety. There are numerous organizational tools on the market today tailored for use in specific rooms. Whether it be shelving for a home office, racks for a kitchen pantry, walk-in closet organization systems, or under-sink organizers, the use of these functional products can help you to rid your house of clutter as you organize your life.

Create Built-In Storage

Creating built-in storage solutions throughout your house will give items a place to go so that they are not contributing to the look of clutter. For example, storage bins in a family room can be used to house movies and electronic equipment while cabinets in a garage can keep that space from becoming littered with items that you do not use often.

Although the clutter in your home may seem like an overwhelming project at first, just roll up your sleeves and jump right in. Once you get started, you’ll find that the task isn’t so bad after all! Plus, you’ll also notice that decluttering reduces your stress and helps your home run more efficiently.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the mess you’re trying to overcome, get in contact with us! Sometimes we all just need some help to get started.

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