These Mats are Made for Walkin’

Hey ROC Nation!

Did you know that using walk-off mats is an effective way to improve the cleanliness, air quality and safety of your building?

Of course, living in Western NY, we are all aware that walk-off mats absorb wetness on shoes from rain or snow.  This moisture, if tracked in, could create dangerous conditions for employees and customers to slip or fall.

But, these mats aren’t just for winter!

During Spring, the carpeted surface provides a place to wipe-off unwanted dirt and reduce the amount of debris entering your facility (ahem, mud anyone?)

Of course, proper placement and size of your mat will decrease the need for additional carpet and floor maintenance.

Dirt and debris that is repeatedly ground into the floor could damage your floors or your carpet’s fibers.

A Deeper Clean recently consulted with a business whose laminate floor was toast due to patrons walking in all season with rock salt on their shoes.  We’re not 100% sure the finish is salvageable, even with the chemicals we recommended.

Have we piqued your buying interest?  Just remember that when purchasing walk-off mats, look for these features:

  • An indoor mat should be at least 10 feet in length with a rubber backing to create a non-skid surface that firmly holds to the floor.
  • An outdoor mat should be thicker to withstand harsher environments and larger debris.

Need help sourcing your mats or want a quick consultation on your business’ needs?  Give us a shout or text: 585-851-8574

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