What is Average Condition?

What is Average Condition?

What is average condition? Average condition is a home maintained on a regular basis.
The following are examples of areas in the home that may not be considered in average condition.

These areas will take more time to clean properly if you are going to be satisfied with the job done, in which case, you will be paying more for your cleaning service.

Dirty Stove

This is NOT average condition!

1. Stove area: If the top of the stove needs to be scrubbed with SOS pads, it is not in average condition. It will take more than the usual time to clean it properly, and there will be an additional charge.

2. Excessive clutter on kitchen counters: We always move all items on counters to clean efficiently. If the counters contain an excessive number of small appliances, cookbooks, papers, etc., extra time is required to move these items to another area. (Having canisters, toaster and several items on counter does not constitute “not average” condition, but having so many items on the counter that there is little room to work around does render “not average” condition.)

3. Shower and bath area: If the shower has mildew and the doors have soap or mineral

Dirty Shower

Nope, not average.

buildup, this is “not average”. In this case your cleaner will have to use scrub pads, Soft Scrub or an acid based cleaner to get the job done correctly. Jacuzzi tubs are also outside “average”.

4. Knick knacks/floors/bureau tops/counters: Knick knacks require careful dusting to avoid breakage. If you have many knickknacks, an extra charge will be required to pay for the additional time needed for special care. Average condition also means that all rooms; i.e., bureau tops, floors, counters, are tidy so your cleaner can clean and vacuum properly. Items on the top of the refrigerator, as well as, magnets on the refrigerator, will be removed so the refrigerator can be properly cleaned.

Great collection, but not average.